A Carpenters’ Plea for the Children of Salgaa

Joseph Wanjala at his workshop in Salgaa. ©World Vision Photo/ William Wandie.

Joseph Wanjala, fondly known as “Jose” by friends and customers, is hailed as a hero in his community. A resident of Tausi, Salgaa Centre in Nakuru, and a father of seven, he runs a carpentry business that enables him to support two pupils at Chepseon Primary School.

Living in Salgaa for more than 20 years, Jose has witnessed first-hand the challenges faced by children and community members in the area. More than 300 children at Chepseon Primary School come from broken homes, are orphaned, abused, and go to bed hungry on most days, while some live in the streets with no place to call home.

Joseph Wanjala at his workshop in Salgaa. ©World Vision Photo/ William Wandie.

Being the most preferred stop-over point by travelers and long-distance drivers for meals, rest, and accommodation, Salgaa town is also a hub for alcoholism, and commercial sex/prostitution, particularly with long-distance travelers. Teenage girls and even those as young as 10 years are worse affected by this vice with most of them dropping out of school for commercial sex, as a coping mechanism for a source of income. This has had negative impacts on residents, learning institutions including eight public primary schools, and the community in general.

It is because of these issues that Joseph was compelled to do something within his ability to support two boys at Chepseon Primary School; Samuel (14) and Bernard (16). The two boys come from unstable families and currently do not have a home. They live in a semi-permanent structure to avoid sleeping in the streets.

Benard at Chepseon Primary School, Salgaa. ©World Vision Photo/ William Wandie.

Joseph has been providing them with a meal when he can, as well as school supplies and uniforms.

However, the little cash made from his carpentry business is not enough to address all these challenges.

Samuel at Chepseon Primary School, Salgaa. ©World Vision Photo/ William Wandie.

“I am devoted and doing my small part to help these children but more needs to be done. I’m calling on someone somewhere to join me in supporting vulnerable children in this area,” says Joseph.

Through the Inuka Angaza Fund, World Vision seeks to construct a Community Resource Centre and Safe Space for children and the community in Salgaa. This will cost approximately KSh. 10 Million and will be instrumental in carrying out a number of interventions including rescuing and counseling children, as well as providing a computer lab, library, and training hall, among other amenities.

On behalf of the community of Salgaa, World Vision is inviting Kenyans, individuals, and corporates to help raise resources, through cash or in-kind support, to aid the implementation of this project that will help Samuel and Bernard, among other vulnerable children in Salgaa to live a better life and fulfill their future dreams.

Or donate your Safaricom Bonga Points: Dial *126# > Donate Bonga Points > World Vision > Enter Amount > Complete Donation

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