Child Well-being

3 out of every 4 people in Salgaa lack access to clean water. Children are sometimes asked to carry water to school. The majority of the population relies on dirty and polluted water from rivers, water pans, and ponds.

7 out of 8 schools in Salgaa lack clean water. Low levels of hygiene are thus common in schools, endangering children’s health.

Children are exposed to water-borne diseases such as cholera, dysentery, diarrhea, and typhoid.  Lack of safe and clean water also increases COVID-19 risks.

75% of the population does not access clean and safe water, walking an average of 5km to the nearest water point. 65% of Salgaa residents lack access to basic sanitary facilities like toilets
Most schools have poor, dilapidated, dirty and inadequate toilet facilities

Gift A School With Clean Water

Child Well-being

Service Specification

  • Targets 7 schools with an average population of 300 pupils per school over 3 years
  • Provision of clean water to both schools and neighboring communities
  • 4,500 students, teachers, support staff, and community members will benefit from each school connected to clean water
  • Supports water harvesting in schools
  • Connects schools to boreholes and piped water where available
  • Constructs water points for schools and neighboring communities

Help us provide clean and safe water to Salgaa’s children by donating generously to the initiative. KES 650,000 connects a school to clean piped water/water harvesting initiatives.

Water provision

Economic Services

The Initiative does the following:

  • Targets 7 schools with an average population of 300 pupils per school over 3 years
  • Installs hand-washing stations in all the 7 primary schools
  • Provides each school with at least one 4-door Ventilated Improved Pit Latrine block
  • Adopts current technologies to construct standard low-cost Ventilated Improved Pit Latrine latrines

KES 750,000 builds a durable, high-quality 4-door Ventilated Improved Pit Latrine toilet fitted with hand-washing stations. Help us build safe, dignified, and clean toilets for Salgaa’s school children.