children's rights

The plight of children in Salgaa is alarming. They go through the following challenges: dysfunctional families, alcoholism, drug abuse, prostitution, child neglect, child exploitation by truck drivers and lack of basic needs.

Salgaa is increasingly becoming a high-risk environment for raising children. In the first 6 months of 2020:

  • A record 143 cases of child neglect were reported
  • 269 teenage pregnancies were recorded
  • 27 children were involved in prostitution

Join Us to Support these Children


Healing Broken Children: Mending Families

  • About 2,500 children who are affected and at risk of sexual abuse, battering, and neglect will be targeted for child mentorship annually
  • 500 abused children will be supported to recover physically and psychologically and be re-integrated back into the community and their schools
  • 2,300 parents will be trained on positive parenting

There is a way you can help:

    • KES 37,500 will support 12 months of mentorship for 25 children per year
    • KES 2,020 will support counseling sessions/ treatment for an abused child.
    • KES 2100 will provide 12 positive parenting training sessions to a parent/caregiver.
Child Education

Together We Keep Children Safe: Collective Responsibility to Care for Children

  1. Together We Keep Children Safe: Collective Responsibility to Care for Children

This initiative will strengthen local child protection structures and systems by training

Area Advisory Councils (AAC) in Salgaa’s 5 sub-locations on handling child abuse cases. In addition, 10 local community groups (Faith Groups, Community Units and Nyumba Kumi) will be trained on Child Protection and Advocacy

There is a way you can help:

  • KES 135,000 will train 1 Area Advisory Council on handling child abuse cases
  • KES 135,000 will train 1 community group on child protection and advocacy

BASIC School Kit: Giving Children a Fighting Chance

Through this initiative, 600 pupils will be supported by a Basic School Kit annually. The Basic School Kit contains uniforms, a pair of shoes, stationery, and a motivation card. The kits will change the lives of over 600 poor children in Salgaa who attend school in tattered clothing, barefoot, and without learning materials. They are usually exposed to ridicule and bullying. As a result, many hate school and opt to skip classes altogether.

There is a way you can help:

  • KES 2,750 buys a basic school kit for one poor child. It restores their dignity, pride and self-esteem.
  • It also encourages them to attend school thus securing their future.
  • Help us transform a child and make them feel loved.