Kinga Bora

Mama KITS: Supporting Mothers And Their Babies

Childbirth is a difficult, life-threatening yet satisfying time for any mother. Fifty (50%) of mothers in Salgaa face this important day with nothing because they are too poor to afford the basic essentials. We would like to address this challenge through the provision of Mama Kits that cater for safe delivery. They also provide baby clothing, food, and upkeep for three months. You can support these mothers to give their babies a safe and dignified first birthday.

  • Help us buy 1000 Mama kits to support 1000 mothers over one year.
  • KES 5,923 will cater for one Mama kit


Child Well-being

Dignity KITS: Standing With Our Daughters

In Salgaa, 6 out of every 10 girls are too poor to buy sanitary pads. Many miss school because of the shame and this affects their education. Others are exploited through sex to raise the money required for the pads. As a result, they are at great risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and Aids. Most of these girls have not benefited from Government-sponsored pads. Others share the pads they receive with their sisters in the family hence reducing supplies.

  • Help us restore dignity and keep our girls in school with 1000 dignity kits per year for 1000 girls
  • KES 464 every month or KE5S 5,562 every year will enable a girl get a dignity kit

Help us provide clean and safe water to Salgaa’s children by donating generously to the initiative. KES 650,000 connects a school to clean piped water/water harvesting initiatives.

Water provision

Empowering Girls and Boys Through Life Skills

This package consists of offers mentorship, training on responsive parenting, lessons on career development, and provision of business start-up kits. It also seeks to instill values among the children and youth through the support of teachers, parents, and faith leaders. This will help the children and youth to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. You can help us reach 500 girls and boys with this package. Help us save our children before it is too late!

  • KES 4,600 will equip a girl or boy with life skills and values to avoid teenage pregnancy, drugs, and sexually transmitted diseases including HIV and AIDs.


Water provision

A Crop Sustainable Solution

In Salgaa, 2 out of 10 mothers die during pregnancy or when giving birth due to lack of iron. In addition, 5 in every 10 children lose their lives due to poor diets or malnutrition. This has permanent and long-term adverse effects on learning, education and economic achievements of affected children.

We seek to address this challenge by supporting the production and consumption of local bio-fortified crops rich in iron and vitamin A for healthy children and mothers. The targeted crops are iron-rich beans and Vitamin A-rich orange-fleshed sweet potatoes that will provide food and income to families.

To make this dream a reality, we will target an initial 20 local farmers, who will grow the crops and multiply seeds on behalf of the whole community. Beans and sweet potatoes farmers will be carefully identified based on suitable ecological areas for production

  • Support one seed multiplier at KES 20,850 per year. Help us save our children and mothers with enriched food!
  • Give 4,000 to cater for 1 Mama kit, food, upkeep and safe delivery
  • Give 8, 000 to cater for 2 Mama kits, food, upkeep and safe delivery
  • Give 20, 000 for 5 Mama kits, food, upkeep and safe delivery